Chris & Fritha – Out in the Styx

From far shores Chris came to the beautiful sun-soaked hills of Waikato, where he made his pledge
of eternal love to Fritha before both families, now joined forever as one.

The Waikato guesthouse ‘Out in the Styx’ seems right out of a picturesque fairy tale, but even amidst
this fantasy dream, it is clear that the happy couple are more dazzled by each others’ loving eyes
than the setting around them.

The heart-warming vows are indeed only a formal and official affirmation of their love, a love that
has clearly taken root of both their hearts far, far before this day.
Watch their wedding film to see beautiful Fritha’s veil dance in the wind as she is held by her
beloved Chris, the setting sun behind them the first of a lifetime that they will share together as one